All complete plants we supply are on a turnkey basis and are built with quality in mind.

Our  philosophy is not to “sell machinery”, we establish an ongoing working relationship with our customers by offering facilities such as a crumb buy back facility ensuring your entire production of crumb from your plant has immediate sale – we buy the lot.

We offer systems which work and continue to work. Systems where maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Purchasing a tyre recycling plant is not simply about “upfront cost”. There is substantially more to this than the upfront cost. The entire package is what is important.

Our philosophy is one based on quality rather than just price as we have learned that procuring cheap materials leads to problems. Our products, including ALL raw materials are sourced from either USA or European mills. We insist on third party quality control checks on raw materials to ensure we are building the best quality machinery available.

We do not simply supply the equipment, we ensure the equipment is delivered to your site (we inspect your site for suitability after lodgement of deposit and paperwork), install the 
machinery and commission the plant. All staff are trained in all facets of the plants operation during installation.

Our plants are designed to handle heavy truck tyres which most other plants struggle to process.

A 5 year product buy back agreement is also offered which means that we will purchase your plants complete rubber output for a minimum period of 5 years saving you marketing costs plus the worry of attempting to find an ongoing supply from your plant.

We have extremely competitive finance facilities in place by private lenders who understand the Industry whereas we find regular finance companies and bankers fail to understand our business thus making any sort of finance either difficult to obtain or at horrendous  Interest rates. Finance is available up to 65% of the plants value or leasing up to 60% of the plants value, often at minimal interest rates.

Our finance is actually locked to the crumb buy back.For those who wish to market coloured granules for the landscaping market themselves we also offer a unique colouring system. We have fine grinding systems for plants wishing to produce -30 mesh solely as well as unique machinery to devulvanize crumb to produce almost virgin quality rubber.

With RCS– the choice is always yours


Limited Joint Venture programs are also welcomed dependent on country and circumstances. Terms and Conditions do apply.

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